Meet Our Team

We are a team of local and international experts with deep expertise in urban planning and development, resilience, housing, water management and more. Through innovative research, deep engagement, and global partnerships, we catalyse and accelerate transformative initiatives that turn cities into resilient and inclusive spaces.

Ashwathy Anand

Project Manager, Urban Development

Dr. Prathna TC

Manager, Urban Water Resilience

Mirza Firoz Beg

Head - Equity and Poverty

Purnanjali Chandra

Program Associate - Sustainable Cities and Transport

Prerna Vijaykumar Mehta

Associate Director ,Urban Development

Qazi Syed Wamiq Ali

Program Manager, Urban Flood Resilience

Siddharth Thyagarajan

Program Manager, Sustainable Cities & Transport, Cities Program

Vijay Anadkat

Senior Fellow

Emily Pearce

Senior Associate

Hossein Rizeei

Geospatial Scientist, Technical Consultant Team GIS Specialist

Matthew Ritson

Associate Director, Technical Consultant Team Design Group Leader

Miranda Wilkinson

Associate and Co-Studio Leader, Technical Consultant Team Landscape Architect Lead

Phi Bang Do

Associate Director & Discipline Leader of Environment

Shaw Abrey

Associate Civil and Environmental Engineer

Tiange Wu

Graduate Environmental Designer

Tom Flugge

Landscape Architect, Technical Consultant Team

Deepshikha Sinha

Program Associate

Dr. Victor Rana Shinde

Head-Climate Centre for Cities (C-Cube)

Ishleen Kaur

Senior Environment Specialist

Lovlesh Sharma

Senior Infrastructure Planner

Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Mishra IAS (Retired)

Chief Advisor, National Institute of Urban Affairs

Nikita Madan

Senior Environment Specialist, Water & Environment Vertical, Climate Centre for Cities (C-CUBE)

Puducheri Yashwanth Kumar

Senior Associate - Climate

Rahul Sachdeva

Project Coordinator

Satarupa Roy

Program Associate (Knowledge Management)

Shilpi Chakraborty

Junior Research Specialist

Utsav Choudhury

Team Leader (Building Accessible Safe Inclusive Indian Cities programme)


Development Associate

Bhavna Maheriya

Programme Manager


Field Organiser

Malati Devi

Field Organiser

Nishtha Kashyap

Development Associate

Veena Bhardwaj

Programme Co-ordinator