Hossein Rizeei

Geospatial Scientist, Technical Consultant Team GIS Specialist
Geospatial Scientist, Technical Consultant Team GIS Specialist
McGregor Coxall
Sydney, Australia

Personal Experience

Hossein is a highly qualified GIS scientist with more than 16 years’ experience as a data scientist, geospatial modeler, geospatial data engineer and environmental project manager. He has designed, developed, and tested several geospatial-based methodologies to assess urban planning, natural hazards, green infrastructure metrics using GIS, remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and statistical techniques.

Hossein’s repertoire in delivering informed solutions includes the employment of machine learning models in geospatial systems, geospatial 3D analysis, geospatial database querying, Web GIS, airborne/spaceborne image processing, feature extraction, time serious analysis in forecasting modelling and domain adaptation in various environmental applications.

Throughout his professional life, Hossein has also published several ISI papers, book chapters and conference scientific articles in these fields, while more recently delivering remote sensing assessments to extract the tree canopy coverage associated with height from Lidar point clouds and informing best practice in urban greening factor metrics.