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Delhi Water Forum

DELHI WATER FORUM (DWF) has been formed, as a part of the Australia India Water Security Initiative (AIWASI)

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AIWASI CDP Children’s Day Carnival

Children are the driving force of change. They are our brightest ray of hope for a better tomorrow.
The Australia-India Water Security Initiative Community Demonstration Project’s ‘Children’s Day Carnival’, conducted from 14 to 18 Nov 2022, empowered young change-makers in Delhi’s Bakkarwala Resettlement Colony. The event, that combined art, play and lots of fun to foster learning, made children aware that they too could be ambassadors and co-creators of inclusive and healthy community spaces.

The week-long joyous and vibrant event included play installations, water learning models, a pop-up park, hands-on mural painting, singing, dancing, poem recitation, games and more. Through it all, children engaged enthusiastically with the team and learnt more about the importance of water conservation, rainwater harvesting and water conservation.

As part of this initiative, the community park of one of the blocks in the colony was transformed with play installations made with reusable and sustainable materials, swings were made with tyres. The park was cleaned to invite children to gather and play in the community park, which was earlier filled with waste.

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“Earlier we never used to step in the park but now as the park is cleaned the improved, I feel like going to the park every day!” – Child, d block, bakkarwala resettlement colony

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