Clean-Up Drive at Bakkarwala

Small actions lead to big change. The women of the Bakkarwala Resettlement Colony, New Delhi celebrated World Environment Day 2023 by collecting plastic waste and solid waste in their community area. They also made posters with creative messages to spread awareness on plastic pollution and how to minimize the use of plastic, as well as waste segregation.

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Senator Visit at Bakkarwala

We were honoured to welcome Senator Hon. Sue Lines, President of the Australian Senate, to the Bakkarwala Resettlement as part of the Australia-India Water Security Initiative.

Ms. Lines met schoolgirls from the community as they demonstrated a snakes and ladders game, designed to engage and raise awareness about water and sanitation issues. Additionally, she spoke to women-led local community groups and listened to their experiences in driving water positive change. The residents demonstrated various initiatives undertaken by them, to improve the lives of their families and community.

Australian High Commissioner to India, Mr. Philip Green spoke about the importance of ‘male champions of change’ supporting women in their communities to take on leadership roles.

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Greening Initiative at Bakkarwala

A greening initiative was undertaken along with the active participation of the community members and in partnership with Kintsugi Regenerating Ecosystems at the Bakkarwala Resettlement Colony in Delhi. The initiative included a wide range of participatory activities that empower and educate the residents of Bakkarwala:

  • Training sessions on soil quality
  • Waste segregation workshops
  • Rainwater harvesting techniques
  • Soil health and ecology awareness
  • Composting practices

The community also participated in a plantation drive to green public spaces in the area. As we deepen our engagement with the community, we are continuously inspired by the enthusiasm and focus of the residents and their desire to be empowered to embark on water sensitive living themselves. We are extending our support by building their capacity and sensitizing the residents towards a more sustainable and water-sensitive future.

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Equity Ambassador Visit at Bakkarwala

The Australia-India Water Security Initiative community demonstration project was honoured to welcome the Australian Ambassador Stephanie Copus Campbell at Bakkarwala Resettlement Colony in Delhi

In their interaction with the Ambassador, the women community action group leaders explained their role and how this leadership opportunity has empowered them to take action to ensure access to improved water, sanitation and hygiene services enabling healthy families and healthy communities.

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Bakkarwala Resettlement Colony, New Delhi

This site was chosen based on geospatial analysis, and where the catchment is located. Additionally, Mahila Housing Sewa Trust, one of the consortium partners of AIWASI CDP (MHT) has an existing relationship with this community.


Bakkarwala resettlement colony was setup in the late 2000’s and spreads across an area of approximately 6.14 square kilometres. It has main 7 blocks (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) with about 2500 households.


The primary occupation within the settlement includes construction workers, domestic labourers, factory workers and street vendors. The community receives an average monthly income of INR 4,000-10,000 Many houses on the main streets have been rented out, or turned into small shops, while some vacant edges have been converted into small religious shrines. High groundwater level and water quality is hard, but it is still used for non-potable household chores.

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Delhi Water Forum

DELHI WATER FORUM (DWF) has been formed, as a part of the Australia India Water Security Initiative (AIWASI)

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AIWASI CDP Children’s Day Carnival

Children are the driving force of change. They are our brightest ray of hope for a better tomorrow.
The Australia-India Water Security Initiative Community Demonstration Project’s ‘Children’s Day Carnival’, conducted from 14 to 18 Nov 2022, empowered young change-makers in Delhi’s Bakkarwala Resettlement Colony. The event, that combined art, play and lots of fun to foster learning, made children aware that they too could be ambassadors and co-creators of inclusive and healthy community spaces.

The week-long joyous and vibrant event included play installations, water learning models, a pop-up park, hands-on mural painting, singing, dancing, poem recitation, games and more. Through it all, children engaged enthusiastically with the team and learnt more about the importance of water conservation, rainwater harvesting and water conservation.

As part of this initiative, the community park of one of the blocks in the colony was transformed with play installations made with reusable and sustainable materials, swings were made with tyres. The park was cleaned to invite children to gather and play in the community park, which was earlier filled with waste.

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“Earlier we never used to step in the park but now as the park is cleaned the improved, I feel like going to the park every day!” – Child, d block, bakkarwala resettlement colony

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