Rahul Paul

Personal Experience

Rahul is currently working as a Landscape Urbanist and Senior Design Associate at Integrated Design (INDÉ), a multi-disciplinary consultancy practice based in Bangalore. As a design team member, he has worked on several large infrastructural projects on various fields of operation – Urban Design, Environmental Planning and Landscape Conservation. Rahul has successfully worked on the design and delivery of several institutional projects and continues work on public projects that intersect the domains of ecology, development and community.

His focus lies in developing design and research narratives that intersect the domains of environmental and social ecology. With a keen interest in academia, he is engaged both as an advisor and faculty in institutions and contributes avidly through seminars and journalistic writings.

Mr. Paul has additionally participated in several international and national design workshops in the academic sector and has been involved in presenting research papers focused on Landscape Urbanism, Infrastructure Urbanism and Urban theory at international conferences during both academic and professional curriculum.

Rahul is the editor of the book Flights of Hope – a publication collating narratives of landscape through discourses of fine arts, development and ecology (ISBN: 9788192625423, 8192625427) as well as the book Satish Khanna – part of the Monograph series published the Journal of Landscape Architecture. (ISBN 978-81-926254-7-8).

He graduated as an Architect from the KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, India, (2007) and subsequently completed his MA degree in Landscape Urbanism from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. (2009)

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Mohan Rao

Personal Experience

Mohan S Rao, an Environmental Design and Landscape architecture professional, is the principal designer at Integrated Design (INDÉ), a multi-disciplinary consultancy practice based in Bangalore. The firm has been involved in providing professional design consultancy services in the field of environmental design, master planning, regional planning and landscape architecture since 1993.

The firm’s focus is on sustainable practices in city and regional planning, disaster management, heritage conservation and master planning and is involved in research and design programs in the sub-continent, China, France, Morocco and Libya.

Mr. Rao is actively involved in master planning of existing and new settlements; ecological restoration/conservation; impact assessment of natural disasters, management and reconstruction; resource assessment and management; conservation and site interpretation of world heritage sites.

In parallel to developing design strategies, Mr. Rao has additionally carried forward several research- oriented incentives in issues such as biodiversity and ecosystem services, climate impacts and passive design; and energy renewal and conservation methodologies. His focus area lies is Environmental Design largely focused on sustainable systems, low impact development and green infrastructure.

Mohan holds a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (2009).

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Dr. Anjali Karol Mohan

Personal Experience

Dr. Anjali Karol Mohan a partner at Integrated Design.
She is trained as an Urban and Regional Planner (SPA, New Delhi) and has a PhD in Public Policy and (e)Governance (IIITB). Dr. Mohan’s research and practice over the last twenty-seven years straddles development, institutional and policy frameworks, urban planning and management and information and communication technologies and development (ICTD).

She has successfully completed several planning assignments in her individual capacity and as part of multi-disciplinary teams, both as a team leader and a team member. Dr. Mohan has also designed and delivered several training and capacity building programmes, both for state and non-state actors, primarily focusing on planning, heritage-led planning and attendant governance arrangements. She is a faculty at the Centre for Public Policy at the National Law School University of India, Bangalore and the Takshashila Institutions. In addition, Dr. Mohan leads the research work at Anode Governance Lab.

Dr. Mohan has published in academic journals as well as popular media, in addition to delivering talks and presenting her work globally. She is a member of the Copenhagen-based International Federation for Housing and Planning and has served on several task forces and expert committees. Most recently, she was a member of the Expert Panel to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh advising on a state wide Comprehensive Urban Development Strategy.

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