Joel Dalberger

Senior Environmental Engineer, Technical Consultant Team Project Manager
Senior Environmental Engineer - Technical Consultant Team Project Manager
McGregor Coxall
Sydney, Australia

Personal Experience

Joel is a Senior Environmental Engineer with 10 years’ experience across civil/geotechnical engineering, environmental design, and water strategy projects in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

He has a Master degree of Integrated Water Management and has worked on a range of projects at local, catchment and regional scales across natural resource management and strategic planning. Having gained extensive experience working as an engineer for geotechnical consultancies in Sydney and Fiji, combined with international development assignments in Vietnam and India, he offers a strong understanding of the major issues facing cities, urban communities and natural environments around the globe. Joel values innovation and collaboration, complimenting the McGregor Coxall Landscape Architecture and Urban disciplines with a unique skill set that blends analysis, technical reporting, geotechnical and engineering assessment with an overarching design aesthetic.